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Welcome to DatingToRelating.com Affiliate program - where affiliates can earn up to $ 1000 or more for one sale. 

DatingToRelating.com offers  a 50% commission to our affiliates on all our products and services.

Our big ticket item is Mr. L. Rx's personal one-on-one consulting which goes for $2000/hr.

In addition we have numerous other products ranging from $7.00 to $39.95. Depending on the quality of your traffic, historical Google and Yahoo figures over the last 9 months of operations have produced 1 sale for as few as every 7 "dating tip" or "dating advice" US visitors to as many as 1 sale for every 250 general "dating" non-US visitors. (The average for all "dating" categories has been 1 sale for every 185.30 visitors.)

On  non- dating traffic (general entertainment traffic) the historical figures are 1 sale for as few as every 200 US visitors to as much as  1 sale for every 1,000+ non US visitors.


Dating To Relating, Inc. also has a number of online Dating web sites with their own affiliate programs. You can earn a 50% commission and recurring monthly income at:






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Thank you for JOINING US as an affiliate. Wishing you success.

Mr. L.Rx